The sea is calm tonight

The tide is full, the moon lies fair

As I reflect upon my recent session with  Meghan and Zach, I cannot help but think of these beautiful lines from Matthew Arnold’s poem “Dover Beach” (even though we were in Rhode Island, and not in England…). This engagement session was held in Westerly, Rhode Island, and it was clear that Meghan and Zach are joined together by their love for one another… and for the beach. 

Megan and Zach are to be wed on September 7, 2018. I love how these portraits reveal just how carefree this couple is with one another. Even though they had a photographer following them around, it was as though they were the only two on earth! Meghan and Zach were so relaxed, and their joy comes through in every frame.

But, even though we had a blast in the park and strolling through picturesque downtown Westerly, we had to finish our time together where their hearts lie: the beach. These two spent their entire summer at the beach; moved from Connecticut to Rhode Island for the beach; and are saying their vows at Easton’s Beach in Newport. Meghan and Zach were completely at home both out of and in the water. They were so peaceful looking out at the water— Meghan and Zach have truly found their home at the beach and in one another. And they had so much fun playing, laughing, and splashing one another. Even though the weather was humid and drizzling we made the best out of our session. To be honest, that humidity and drizzle created the best fog on the beach, which had me swooning over every shot. 

So Meghan and Zach, I wish you full tides and calm seas until your wedding day. Congratulations, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you next summer!

Shauna is a fine art natural light photographer based out of Connecticut. To book a session contact Shauna at: | 860-268-2588 |

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