Welcome back, Nguyen family! I first worked with these three gorgeous people in 2014, and I was so happy to see them return for fall photos this year. I always say that one of the best parts of this career is the opportunity to see families grow together.

For this fall photo session, we were blessed in so many ways: for one, the temperature was in the 70’s! ( You would never have guessed from the photos we were well into our fall season!) While we had originally planned to pose at the Wadsworth Mansion, we changed gears last minute and went to my favorite hidden gem, Wesleyan University. While it may seem a little offbeat to capture portraits on a college campus, the architecture and landscaping were just perfect for this dog day of summer. (Fun fact: the Samuel Wadsworth Russell House, which you can see bits and pieces of in these images, was recently named to the historic register and is considered one of the best examples of Greek Revival architecture in the world! Who knew?!)

Another great aspect of working at Wesleyan University is these images are a perfect combination of urban and garden chic. The lightly paved streets transported us to a “downtown” vibe (Trang’s shirtdress and David’s sportcoat worked perfectly here), and the portraits taken in front of the buildings simply scream refinement. Not to mention, how handsome does Tyler look?! The Nguyen family also coordinated their outfits impeccably: the pop of pink gently stands out in all of these images!

The other piece of this family that stands out to me? Their smiles! In all of these images, the Nguyen family is looking at one another with looks of true love. They obviously adore their son— and one another. I’m so happy to have seen you again, and I wish you another season of happy smiles!

Shauna is a fine art natural light photographer based out of Connecticut. To book a session contact Shauna at:

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