Behind the Lens:

I currently reside in Connecticut, with my husband, daughter and 2 shelter cats, Bella & Hobbes. We just recently welcomed a tiny puppy, who has kept us all on our toes.  My family comes before anything else. My daughter inspires me and my husband is my rock that allows me to do what I love, be a mom and a photographer.

I’m a one cup of coffee kinda girl ( lately its been more like two!), I definitely sing with the radio too loud and like to be taken away with a good book. I believe in the magic of Disney, and try to incorporate that magic into my everyday life. I like things neat and organized, and I rarely ever leave my house without my camera. You never know just what the day may bring, especially with a toddler. I’m a runner with a passion to always push myself farther, and I find that this carries through to my work. I also cannot get enough of that runDisney bling ;).

I love capturing the raw beauty of life, and transforming those moments into images that will last a lifetime. I’m a sucker for candids and anything that captures the innocence of that moment. I keep my images simple and concentrate on connection. I love using natural light with a pop of bold color. I truly believe that the picture you receive should be the picture you remember taking. My aim is to create a timeless piece of art that you will want to cherish and hang on your walls forever. You don’t want to pass down that USB or digital file to your kids or grandkids, that’s why I incorporate tangible art into all my collections. 80% of downloads and USBS get forgotten. Technology moves on, computers crash. But those beautiful albums, prints, and wall art will last you forever.



Photo Credit: Bella Blue Photography




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  1. I am soooooooo excited for you to take the newborn pics of my grandson…& his big brother & parents…your very talented…I am sooo glad that I met you….can’t wait

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